Aida framed in silverWhipped & Baked is a small, independently owned bakery which is proud of its Chichester heritage. The Grade II listed building the bakery is in has been in the family for over three generations, originally an old fashioned sweet shop run by the family prior to World War II.

Being an old Chichester family, Whipped & Baked is passionate about preserving a vibrant city. We believe that every pound spent locally goes a long way in promoting a more proactive, cohesive and integrated local community. We work hard at establishing good relationships with other local businesses. We strongly support small local charities which contribute directly to the dynamics of our historic city. We love the city we live and do business in.

This is why Whipped & Baked put people before profit. When you visit us at the bakery, we would like you to feel like you are visiting an old friend. A friend who is a bit wacky, a little kooky, and with a whole lot of attitude. When you indulge in our baked decadence, we want it to be a taste sensation. We take good, wholesome ingredients – Belgian chocolate, pure sugar, all butter – and using old school traditional methods, we handcraft decadent flour confections. Our cakes are baked in small batches and on the premises.

Our cakes take you that much closer to your guilty pleasure but at the same time be so good, there’d be no shame in taking them to your mother.

Love thy neighbour. Whipped & Baked really does believe in lending you some sugar.