VonSponge & Slaveboy Play Dress Up

I’ve been up since 5am after having just under three and half hours sleep. Daughter Potato Bottom is leaving on a coach to London in an hour’s time for her debut school performance at Sadler’s Wells.

Last night saw both Slaveboy and I attending Chichester local radio station, SpiritFM’s Local Heroes Awards for which we have won the Eco award. To be honest, when I received the phone call informing of this, I was utterly flabbergasted as I had no idea that we had even been nominated. It turned out that our nomination was for the low carbon footprint that Whipped & Baked has and also the Suspended Coffee scheme that we have introduced at the bakery.

Here are some photos leading up to the event.

As you can see, we do scrub up pretty ok when we need to. I absolutely adore my over the top cluster of roses hairband and during the ceremony, I must have almost taken several people’s eye out when I was hugging them.

The Seventh Wonder was quite enamoured with it too. She was the first to model it. Yes, that is indeed sugar from a doughnut that’s caked around her chops.


Here’s a proper photo of us at the start of the event, pretending to be all normal.


And here’s one of us fooling around with Slaveboy looking like I coerced him into doing rude things to me.


It was a great evening and despite the weirdness of being at such a highly formal event, I did come away feeling like the business model that we have fashioned for ourselves is actually an ethical, sustainable and more importantly a viable one. We’ve fought hard to not fall into the trap of emulating the formulae adopted by big multinational chains whose aim for global monopoly is pretty transparent. I’d like to think that small independently owned businesses need not to compete on their level. We can have our own ethos that we adhere to and standards that we aim to achieve. It might be very naive of me to say this but I do regard other local businesses as my allies, not my rivals and I do strongly feel that a strong network of local independent businesses is essential in keeping the high street vibrant and unique.


VonSponge & Slaveboy Play Dress Up — 3 Comments

  1. How wonderful to see you both honoured this way. I can think of no two people who deserve it more. Here’s to you both and to the continued success of your business and future ventures.

    Lorrie x

  2. Well done both of you. Well deserved and a thank you to whoever nominated you. Someone from the MNC I bet. Your delightful establishment seems to have become the preferred watering hole from MNC members for miles around.

    • I’ve been reliably informed we received nominations from Moira Strickland and also StonePillow charity. Thank you so much for the comment.