Whipped & Baked The 10 Commandments

Thank you to the Dough Anarchists for the hashtag inspirations.

1. #realbread
Make loaves from real ingredients (organic flour, water, sea salt & organic yeast). Enrich with wholesome ingredients with nothing else added but time, patience, laughter and a healthy dose of baker’s angst. We reject the Chorleywood Process.

2. #tinyfootprints
Most of W&B workers walk to work (only 1 drives). On the main, we are city dwellers and go about our business on foot.

3. #localsuppliers
We seek suppliers who are local and independently owned businesses. We take time to talk to our suppliers and develop products in line with their seasonal produce.

4. #peoplebeforeprofit
Workers draw a fair wage and any excess money will go to help grow the business and help us pursue our social projects.

5. #handcrafted
Our foods are handcrafted with skills that have taken time to acquire. Our workers rely on their senses in the making of our foods, not just the timer and oven temperature.

6. #workersco-op
Whipped & Baked are working towards being wholly owned by its workers who subscribe to its HOPE ethos #Holistic #Organic #Philanthropic #Ethical

7. #educate
We strive to be involved, help educate and share skills and time with our local community. ( See 9)

8. #playregularly
Focus on a healthy work/life balance. Whipped & Baked flourishes as a small, quirky, independently owned enterprise and plan to stay small but significant. We aren’t ashamed to say that we cherish the pursuit of happiness and fun. All our workers lead colourful and varied lives.

9. #giveback
We pioneered the #suspendedcoffee scheme in Chichester for the homeless. We are planning a free weekly rolling baking workshops for families without voices. We are in discussions about a People’s Kitchen project.

10. #businessintegrity
We openly boycott Nestle. We welcome breastfeeding mothers. We choose not to stock Coca-Cola. We continue to evaluate the integrity of our presence in our community.

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